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  • PrintabLED ® retrofit…can’t be simpler

    Installation of lamps is fast and simple and in most cases it takes less than 1 hour, your machine will be ready to print immediately after installation with no major modifications to the electric system and no need for extractor fans. Lamps last up to 50 times longer than traditional mercury lamps and necessitate minimal maintenance.

  • Fast and efficient… Max power when and where you need it

    In some cases, the UV LED solution allows for higher speeds than the UV mercury equivalent. Lamps have an estimated lifetime of 20000 hours; this eliminates all problems related to periodical substitution of bubs. Localized lighting saves extra energy when printing narrower substrates on same lamp and immediate on/off switching eliminates start up and stand by time. Power emitted can be regulated between 0-100% according to the application.

  • Up to 80% less usage for 20,000 hours of life

    The math is easy. LED bulbs consume up to 80% less energy compared to UV bulbs. So, if a traditional bulb costs 3 €/hour, an LED will cost you 0.6 €/hour only. There are other costs to be added to the operating costs of a UV installation such as the cost of bulb replacements, labour, loss of production and waste due to the bulb’s inefficiency as it wears out. And, just replace UV bulbs with UV LED to switch to cheaper power supply contracts without counting the lower cost of installing power supplies for new machines.  There’s more: the fact that UV-LEDs are so much cheaper is proven by their longevity - 20,000 hours compared to around 1,000 for a UV bulb. UV LEDs are fifty-times better.
  • Unique and constant radiation for maximum precision

    The totally constant radiation frequencies emitted by the UV LED offers maximum processing precision and total control over the complete production process. The UV LEDs do not need to warm up to emit the correct radiation; they reach maximum efficiency immediately. And, you do not need to wait until they have cooled down when switched off, with obvious energy saving. UV-LEDs do not heat or have the negative effects of infrared radiation, so problems such as register, aging and variations in humidity of the substrate are avoided.

  • More technology with 75% less space

    PrintabLED’s UV LED system takes up 75% less space compared to traditional systems; so, machine producers can design smaller but more powerful and more efficient machines. Using its vast experience in designing advanced machines, the PrintabLED ® team is able to plan and implement projects for innovative equipment, with higher performance and greater savings. Our technical office is now ready to start working with you on your next project.

  • Safety and enviroment…no hazards and minimal consumption

    No high temperatures, no high voltage. The PrintabLED ® system eliminates all potential hazards deriving from ozone extraction, it also operates at 80° C opposed to the 900° C of old UV dryer Lamps. All the above with a total energy savings in excess of 90%.

  • “Cold” printing…higher quality and 70% less wastage

    PP, BOPP, PET and other printed plastic substrates can give poor quality results when subjected to heat. The PrintabLED ® patented cooling system guarantees minimal heating, hence no deformation or damage of the printed substrates. Ageing and variations of moisture in the substrate is eliminated as well as register problems.  Even at maximum power and maximum speed heating of the substrate is minimal. All the above can be translated in a total reduction of waste up to 70%.


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